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Server Hostingku Kondem

Masih lagi tak siap masalah hosting aku ni.Tepat jangkaan aku,server ni kena hack.Sebijik kes macam ex-hosting aku dulu.Tapi nasib baik service dia ni ok.Inilah jawapan yang aku terima daripda diorang.

Good day,

Note: This is an update to SAMAJAYA.HIVESERV.COM only.
Kindly refer to earlier announcement posted:

We have successfully bring the server back online on Thursday night with most account restored (latest). However they run for only short minutes before memory allocation problem appears again.

We assume the server was rooted or could have been hacked by insecure scripts hosted inside the server such as old version of PHPbb forums, etc.

In order to solve this issue, we will be using the final and last option which is to restore every account to our backups on 20 Mar 2007

This is the only fastest way to restore all accounts back online. However during the restoration, MySQL would be turned off so as we are able to try to update every databases on this server to the latest one.

We are now working on the restoration of backups. You will be expected to access your account within a few hours from this respond (Both Web & E-mail Server only). Database services will be turned off as mentioned again.

Albert Lai

Harap diorang selesaikanla masalah ni cepat.Banyak benda nak post ni.Buat masa ni,aku nak jadikan blog ni blog personal aku.Rugi pulak tak post something kat sini.

p/s: Tengah baca paper pasal tanah runtuh di Putrajaya.Hai,tempat macam tu pun masih tak selamat lagi.Susahla macamni.Janji jangan kerajaan runtuh dahla.Ahakss..

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