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The Two Most Important Words When Selling Your Idea or Invention-Product Sample

For most inventors, invention ideas seemingly fall into their laps - that's the easy part. Things take a difficult turn when they try to get anyone to talk business about their idea.

Often an inventor's latest brainstorm results in the greatest idea in the world that's sure to make millions and solve problems that face everyday people. Unfortunately, the world doesn't work so easily. Most business people won't talk about ideas on the fly, because they're understandable busy. So, how do you get through and open a dialogue? With a product sample.

Unfortunately for inventors, there are dozens of companies salivating at the mouth ready to try to convince someone that their ticket to the good life is a poorly-rendered hand-drawn depiction of their invention with a lump of wax and a patent. Sure these organizations are quick to take someone's money, but do they convey an inventor's vision and clearly demonstrate it? Will that patent protect an idea that needs to be changed for manufacturing? To answer these questions and have a serious business dialogue, an inventor needs a working product sample that almost looks like it was pulled right off the shelf of a retail store.

Business people deal in the world of reality, so make it easy for them to see you mean business.

Put yourself in a corporate decision-maker's shoes. You see one person walk into your office with a product idea sketched onto a piece of paper. You review it, but have little information to indicate if your current factories can produce this or if it even works. You're sure a retailer won't make a decision on something they can't interact with. Now, a second person walks in with a new product ready for manufacturing with full-color sample packaging that matches your current line of selling products. In addition, they've provided you with engineering drawings that detail the manufacturing requirements of the product.

Well, you're the decision maker, who's ready to do business and who came unprepared?

In review, don't let anyone tell you you're going to be rich with just an idea. If someone does and they're trying to sell you services, think twice. Pursuing your invention takes work and it's risky. Also, you need a product sample that can be manufactured. Show decision makers you mean business and don't waste their valuable time

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