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Malaysia Today

Malaysia today has been more succesful rather than recent past year.In below the new Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, we hope that our Malaysia will be more succesfull and more oppurtunity to come.Although the development in Malaysia is a bit slow than the past year, it not telling us that our economy has turn down.It just a 'safe play' ideas by our prime minister to not let go our economy again to another attacks by a greedy economics hungry person that want to take apart from ours rapid economy success. The prime minister also want us to be more contributional person rather than hoping from the goverment to help them.In this tight economy hungry system now,we must be able to corporate with the goverment to ensure that all the society and the NGO in Malaysia and all the people in this country can share the wealth and their expertise side-by-side with the goverment to make our country more success.

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