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How To Advertise Your Business With Video Media

1. Decide the genre of the video.

Will the video be slap stick comedy, bizarre scenes, unexpected occurrences, or just the simple classic presentation of a great company? Example, if you are selling a software program that teenagers and college students would enjoy than your genre should be unexpected or bizarre attacking thousands of viewers which will get a good laugh out of the marketing tool and then be attracted to the product.

2. What is the message of the content?

If your product is something new than the meaning of the video should be about people trying new things. Such as someone stuck in the same job wearing the same shirt being down trodden by the same boss with a tag line “how long will you last?” It will entice people to move out of their comfort zone and try your product even though they feel comfortable in their “old shoes.”

3. Make Your Point Clear!

Unless your logo or company name is more solid as the target symbol or Pepsi than you cannot make an ad that just bears a quick blib with your logo and or name, it must have a long finish making clear who you are and what you want. For example, Target can make a cool advertisement and simply add their bulls’ eye logo to the end. Most people know this symbol and will understand the message. However, if you are new or much much smaller than no one will understand your message. You will need to put your company name and logo at the end for a few more seconds and maybe add a quick voice over explaining the company service or product in a quick attractive sentence. This will ensure that your message is not lost.

4. Be Seen! Placement is key.

You cannot simply throw the video onto the web and kneel beside your bed and hope it explodes. It takes time and sometimes some coercion. Place it on Youtube and than do blitz advertising program to get thousands of people to watch the video. Than it will become a top watched video and it will be seen by thousands more because it appears on the home page or top ranked videos link. Then from this point it will start to explode and work its way like an earth worm through the World Wide Web. Countless videos have been on the web for months (sometimes longer) and then after it has circulated enough hands do they begin to get news coverage and popular exposure.

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