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Can We Make Different?

Meet an old friend is interesting isn'it?Yesterday i've meet someone that have related to me for a long time and gone 'missing in action' for around two years.Hola!!He's getting bigger and bigger right know..As big as his income too..We go to 'Warung Mamak' to spend a lot of time as we recall back our memory and funny stories..i can't believe he is what i'm looking right now.Rewind back the two years before when we study at the same university,he almost as what we call in Malaysia "Pokai" or always lack in money.But now it seem different.So i ask him what he had done to himself..(actually,i'm jealous).He laughed at me and said that he join and has established himself as an excellent salesperson.He sold a VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol)product.I'm shocked!!Many my friend also had sold this thing but neither or nor from them have an excellent result as him.So i ask him what an advantages he had?He said to me that his VOIP product is charge in monthly..Wow!So we can call anyone 24/7 days in a whole month with just RM 249.00.It is just USD 72 a month!This is amazing.No wonder he can sell the products easily.I'm not sure if there are something or similar like that product in any country because just heard this product is only in Malaysia..Congratulation to him because he can change his life and dare to take a risk and challenge to involve in Multi-level Marketing..i've got an idea about this..but don't ask.I will make a review about this product if anyone there want to know more about this VOIP product.

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