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How To Advertise Your Business With Video Media

1. Decide the genre of the video.

Will the video be slap stick comedy, bizarre scenes, unexpected occurrences, or just the simple classic presentation of a great company? Example, if you are selling a software program that teenagers and college students would enjoy than your genre should be unexpected or bizarre attacking thousands of viewers which will get a good laugh out of the marketing tool and then be attracted to the product.

2. What is the message of the content?

If your product is something new than the meaning of the video should be about people trying new things. Such as someone stuck in the same job wearing the same shirt being down trodden by the same boss with a tag line “how long will you last?” It will entice people to move out of their comfort zone and try your product even though they feel comfortable in their “old shoes.”

3. Make Your Point Clear!

Unless your logo or company name is more solid as the target symbol or Pepsi than you cannot make an ad that just bears a quick blib with your logo and or name, it must have a long finish making clear who you are and what you want. For example, Target can make a cool advertisement and simply add their bulls’ eye logo to the end. Most people know this symbol and will understand the message. However, if you are new or much much smaller than no one will understand your message. You will need to put your company name and logo at the end for a few more seconds and maybe add a quick voice over explaining the company service or product in a quick attractive sentence. This will ensure that your message is not lost.

4. Be Seen! Placement is key.

You cannot simply throw the video onto the web and kneel beside your bed and hope it explodes. It takes time and sometimes some coercion. Place it on Youtube and than do blitz advertising program to get thousands of people to watch the video. Than it will become a top watched video and it will be seen by thousands more because it appears on the home page or top ranked videos link. Then from this point it will start to explode and work its way like an earth worm through the World Wide Web. Countless videos have been on the web for months (sometimes longer) and then after it has circulated enough hands do they begin to get news coverage and popular exposure.

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The Two Most Important Words When Selling Your Idea or Invention-Product Sample

For most inventors, invention ideas seemingly fall into their laps - that's the easy part. Things take a difficult turn when they try to get anyone to talk business about their idea.

Often an inventor's latest brainstorm results in the greatest idea in the world that's sure to make millions and solve problems that face everyday people. Unfortunately, the world doesn't work so easily. Most business people won't talk about ideas on the fly, because they're understandable busy. So, how do you get through and open a dialogue? With a product sample.

Unfortunately for inventors, there are dozens of companies salivating at the mouth ready to try to convince someone that their ticket to the good life is a poorly-rendered hand-drawn depiction of their invention with a lump of wax and a patent. Sure these organizations are quick to take someone's money, but do they convey an inventor's vision and clearly demonstrate it? Will that patent protect an idea that needs to be changed for manufacturing? To answer these questions and have a serious business dialogue, an inventor needs a working product sample that almost looks like it was pulled right off the shelf of a retail store.

Business people deal in the world of reality, so make it easy for them to see you mean business.

Put yourself in a corporate decision-maker's shoes. You see one person walk into your office with a product idea sketched onto a piece of paper. You review it, but have little information to indicate if your current factories can produce this or if it even works. You're sure a retailer won't make a decision on something they can't interact with. Now, a second person walks in with a new product ready for manufacturing with full-color sample packaging that matches your current line of selling products. In addition, they've provided you with engineering drawings that detail the manufacturing requirements of the product.

Well, you're the decision maker, who's ready to do business and who came unprepared?

In review, don't let anyone tell you you're going to be rich with just an idea. If someone does and they're trying to sell you services, think twice. Pursuing your invention takes work and it's risky. Also, you need a product sample that can be manufactured. Show decision makers you mean business and don't waste their valuable time

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How is MySpace relevant to your business?

MySpace is the best known social networking site and is certainly the most popular. With 95 million members, and 500k joining each week, it is the seventh most visited site in the UK. Its these impressive statistics (its traffic has increased 367% already in 2006!) that led to Rupert Murdoch buying the site for ?308 mill last year. But why would the owner of a traditional pen and ink printing organisation want to invest in a virtual site like MySpace and how does this relate to your own business?

MySpace is synonymous with the buzz term 'social networking' and is an online 'space' for users to post their own blogs, pictures, videos and music. It is a platform for building relationships based on interest rather than geography. People can find other users with similar interests and interact or even arrange to meet up just through searching the site's database.

Use of the Internet for interaction is booming: 70 % of UK 16-24 year olds are believed to be members of sites like MySpace and around 35% contribute to blogs. Social networking online is a rapidly growing modern day phenomenon.

As mentioned in a previous post, Murdoch's reasons for buying an online presence can be assessed from his speeches on the changing media marketplace. With Internet advertising set to overtake newspaper ads, Murdoch realised that his business needed to adapt its revenue model. If he wanted News Corp to survive then he would have to move with the times.

MySpace and sites such as Bebo, YouTube and Flickr are now eating into TV audiences and occupy many teenagers' evenings. MySpace reaches more kids each day than MTV does in a week. With average membership aged between 15-35, MySpace is a marketer's dream for reaching an ever growing audience of pop culture hungry consumers.

Since buying MySpace, Murdoch's online adventure has been under the microscope to see how he could leverage ad revenue on his new platform. Many potential advertisers had been put off by the lack of control over the content, and the thought of their ads featured next to somebody's 'home movies'.

But it now appears Murdoch has found the answer with the deal with Google to splash Adsense all over the site's 95+ mill pages. Google have bought themselves into the social networking world to the tune of $900 million. They obviously share Murdoch's confidence in MySpace as a money making machine.

The second new feather in Google's cap was their deal with MTV to distribute ad supported video clips. Revenue would be shared with the site owners in the evolution of Adsense into the realm of video. No doubt Google have been watching the explosion of video content sharing sites, such as Youtube, and wanted a place at the table before the market was carved up amongst the early providers.

It certainly looks as though Murdoch has found a new revenue stream for many years to come. He realised that he would have to evolve his business portfolio to match the trends in how people consume content and spend their time.

People are increasingly integrating the Internet into their lives. It is fast becoming the primary platform for entertainment, communication and information. The relevancy to your business is that your web presence is becoming more important as more people use the Internet for product and service information.

Niche businesses can now reach global audiences and the smallest enterprise can now compete with large scale multi nationals. It would be prudent to take a leaf out of Murdoch's book and assess whether your business is prepared for the changes taking place and that you are positioned to capitalise on the Internet's continuing growth.

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Great Technique To Get Traffic..So Hot!!!!

This technique is the new yet technique i learn from surf many websites and gain information from it.All of you must heard about Google Video,if not..maybe you are dead lately..Ha..ha..So cut the crap..What is the technique..okay i tell you,what is the most searched video in the internet?It is Sex videos is the most..Why? I don't know but it is the mostly search and downloaded videos..And in the Google Video,Sex is the most also..So one of the internet marketer had do this technique to get traffic.How? Just uploaded some videos,but not sex videos..just use the hot title like hot women but the videos is about a hot women that teach you business or something else..Or also,if you are talented in music,create some videos and i bet you will be a popular figure shortly..So,dare to try?Don't believe it?Believe It!

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Many Direct Selling In Malaysia Are Scam

KUALA LUMPUR: Do not fall prey to a direct-selling company that claims its members will be eligible for Finance Ministry loans. The ministry is not collaborating with any organisation to offer loans, said Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen.

She said the ministry’s loan system was open to all and not limited to those who joined certain organisations. Those who want to secure loans should apply directly to the ministry.

“I have been just informed about a scam in Negri Sembilan where a direct selling company has been using the supposed loan eligibility as bait to get more members,” she told reporters after attending the MCA Cupid Space “Click@Party” on Sunday.

Dr Ng said the company had told potential members that they could obtain up to RM50,000 in business loans if they joined as members.

“They have to pay RM300 to join as members and also purchase goods like health products before they can apply for the loans.”

HOPING TO CLICK: Dr Ng (second from right) and Wanita MCA Cupid Space national chairman Julia Wong (right) handing out gifts at the MCA Cupid Space ‘Click@Party’ on Sunday.
She said some of those who

had joined the company had contacted the Negri Sembilan MCA office.

Dr Ng added that some MCA members had also joined the company to get more details on the operations and would be submitting whatever information they had on the company.

She believed that the scam was one of the ways used by unscrupulous parties to make money since the Government started to come down hard on illegal moneylenders, known here as Ah Long.

Dr Ng said people must be wary of any group claiming it can help secure government loans.

She also urged those who had already registered as members to contact the Negri Sembilan MCA.

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Malaysia Today

Malaysia today has been more succesful rather than recent past year.In below the new Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, we hope that our Malaysia will be more succesfull and more oppurtunity to come.Although the development in Malaysia is a bit slow than the past year, it not telling us that our economy has turn down.It just a 'safe play' ideas by our prime minister to not let go our economy again to another attacks by a greedy economics hungry person that want to take apart from ours rapid economy success. The prime minister also want us to be more contributional person rather than hoping from the goverment to help them.In this tight economy hungry system now,we must be able to corporate with the goverment to ensure that all the society and the NGO in Malaysia and all the people in this country can share the wealth and their expertise side-by-side with the goverment to make our country more success.

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Can We Make Different?

Meet an old friend is interesting isn'it?Yesterday i've meet someone that have related to me for a long time and gone 'missing in action' for around two years.Hola!!He's getting bigger and bigger right know..As big as his income too..We go to 'Warung Mamak' to spend a lot of time as we recall back our memory and funny stories..i can't believe he is what i'm looking right now.Rewind back the two years before when we study at the same university,he almost as what we call in Malaysia "Pokai" or always lack in money.But now it seem different.So i ask him what he had done to himself..(actually,i'm jealous).He laughed at me and said that he join and has established himself as an excellent salesperson.He sold a VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol)product.I'm shocked!!Many my friend also had sold this thing but neither or nor from them have an excellent result as him.So i ask him what an advantages he had?He said to me that his VOIP product is charge in monthly..Wow!So we can call anyone 24/7 days in a whole month with just RM 249.00.It is just USD 72 a month!This is amazing.No wonder he can sell the products easily.I'm not sure if there are something or similar like that product in any country because just heard this product is only in Malaysia..Congratulation to him because he can change his life and dare to take a risk and challenge to involve in Multi-level Marketing..i've got an idea about this..but don't ask.I will make a review about this product if anyone there want to know more about this VOIP product.

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Jeff Ooi Oh jeff Ooi !

This sued case by NSTP to Jeff Ooi are trully made an impact to Malaysian Bloggers.But it is unwise for Jeff to make an article that illegal to do.Infact,being blogger,it is not a ticket to do such negative article in sensitive issue.I hope this can be an example to us to not doing such thing as this.Be a smart blogger.I feel sorry for Jeff also.But the most unsuspected tragedy is when NST suspending its column by lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar indefinitely because he was the defence counsel for Jeff.I hope this case will be solve soon and bring back our Jeff Ooi.

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Mengsyukuri Keagungan Yang Maha Esa

Cuba korang peratikan gambar ni..lain macam je ye..Aku kagum dengan Allah S.W.T atas ciptaan-Nya.Memang cantik.Kita sendiri pun dah cantik dah.Tapi ader jugak kadang-kadang orang yang masih x puas dengan apa yang tuhan dah bagi.Di cucuk sana la,botox sini,besar sikit kat situ,operate kat sini..ape nak jadi.Kalau dah sedia 'istimewa' tu yang normal pulak..Biasala tu.Memang sukar nak puaskan diri sendiri.Memang sepatutnya kita patut syukur dengan aper je yang tuhan bagi..Yang penting usaha kuat.Malam tadi(actually,pukul 1 pagi)aku dengan Boss ader buat perbincangan..lebih kurang Brain-Storming la jugak.Kami berbincang macamana nak naikkan sales dan cuba cari invention atau produk baru yang boleh diketengah untuk dipasarkan..Aku ader banyak idea jugak,tapi aku sendiri reject pasal ader orang dah buat.Pening jugak.Hasilnya dapat jugakla beberapa cadangan yang boleh di'execute'kan.Kena buat preparation jugakla.Tengok maklumbalas..kalau ok,terus jalan je.Bagi aku,Hard Work = Hard gain but in a manner of smart and well-plan strategy.kalau usaha keras tapi ikut cara yang kurang bijak x jadi ape jugak.So,kengkawan semua..berusaha untuk diri sendiri dulu sebelum sibuk berusaha untuk orang lain..

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Ronaldhinho Can Opener

Ronaldhinho jadi pembuka botol..Kelakar giler..Mentang-mentangla gigi kapak dia lebih besar dari biasa,itupun orang boleh eksploitasikan.Kesian ko Ronaldhinho.Walauapapun,cantik gak kalau gua dapat rembat satu.Aku kalau boleh jadi figura nak buka botol ni pun leh gak.Tapi boleh kasi bankrup company yang ambik aku jadi model figura diorang tu.Kalu berani meh la...

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Red Onion And White Garlic

Al-Kisahnya cerita Bawang Putih Bawang Merah ni memang aku menyampah jugakla..Terus-terang je.Mula-mula aku layan jugak..Tapi makin lama makin meleret pulak x habis-habis.geram jugak aku..Tapi aku xnafikan populariti sinetron ni memang gila gempak.Sampaikan aku dengar orang sanggup ponteng keje nak tengok..Kalau macamni punya fanatik xbolehla.Hiburan-hiburan,bila time keje kita keje.Masing-masing ada pandangan sendiri dan for my opinion,citer ni just menyesakkan emosi aku..

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Demam Daa..

Hari ni dah masuk 4 hari aku demam..bile nak kebah pun aku x tau.Bukan aper..x selesa aku dibuatnya..Tapi apakan daya.Terima jugakla.Ketentuan Allah.Xkan nak melawan pulak..Aku sampai satu masa rasa macam dah kena selsema burung gamaknya.Letih,lesu-lesu badan,kepala pening..xlarat beb.Maybe sebab duk dekat dengan pantai ni yang meng'effect'kan demam aku ni kot.Ape-apahal pun aku bersyukur pada Allah pasal demam ni..mesti ader hikmah.Korang pun bila ader sesuatu yang terjadi jangan pulak kita marah or murung.Nak buat macamanakan.Banyakkan bersabar ye.Maybe dalam bulan March ni aku daftar jadi private student untuk ambik LCCI dalam bidang Accounting.Pastu sambung ambik paper ACCA pulak.Target aku dalam five years nak habiskan paper-paper tu.Teringin nak jadi seseorang yang berjaya.Angan-angan aku nak belajar sampai ke luar negara.Harap-Harap termakbullah.Amin.

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Penghapus Mitos Terkenal

Dua orang mamat ni memang besh..Tetiba je aku nak tulis pasal diorang berdua ni..Aku teringat pasal aku tengah tengok diorang kat Mythbusters sekarang ni..Al-Maklumlah..tengah keje..Nak-nak pulak ada kemudahan wireless..laptop ader..tibai jela.Dikenali sebagai Jamie dan Adam,rancangan diorang ni memang bestla..banyak info yang kita boleh dapat dari diorang ni..Aku tau kat Malaysia ni pun ramai jugak yang tengok..Kak Roshatika dan Abang Zamri a.k.a Boss aku sure layan cerita ni..Tapi apakan daya..sibuk sentiasa..ayah aku ahmad fuzi memang layan cerita ni..Lama x balik umah..Rindu lerr..Melalut pulak dah..Aku sarankan korang layan cerita macamni..menambah ilmu beb..Aku ada mitos nak bagi kat diorang untuk hapuskan..Kenapa bila kita korek hidung rasa syok dan kenapa bila kita buang air besar kita rasa best..Boleh ker? Boleh Blah!

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Tak Sabar Siol!!

Aku memang minat gila dengan hasil buah tangan Afdlin Shauki ni(buah kaki pun ye jugak,jangan buah lain sudahla).Tahniah la aku ucapkan keatas kemenangan beliau pada Anugerah Skrin hari tuh..Kena pulak heroin dia Nang-nak punya heroin lak..memang gua tunggu sangat ni..Bangga aku hasil kerja seni orang Melayu makin lama makin besh!!Bila pulak project filem lain nak kuar?Tanya empunya badan la ye..Badan aku x sama macam dia..aku kurus sikit..kira korang boleh kata maskulinla..itupun kalau korang nak caya..Tapi pasal badan dia la dia nampak cute..So,badan or rupa bukan penentu kejayaan.Ianya hasil dari usaha gigih yang tak terhingga sampai berapa hari korang x buang air besar pun korang x ingat dah..bila dah sampai tahap macam tu punya gila..mesti kuar dengan something worth!!Buat Afdlin Shauki,tahniah atas menghasilkan satu lagi filem yang bakal membawa dimensi baru dalam dunia perfileman tanah air..Gilalah!!

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